2nd February 2022

Apollo Slab tech

Apollo Slab Tech represents a new worksurface technology exclusive to Sheridan. Boasting affordability, durability and aesthetic appeal, Slab Tech has continued to grow in popularity over […]
20th February 2022

Acrylic worktops benefits

A huge benefit to acrylic countertops is that they are made non-porous, meaning that bacteria, germs, and odors are unable to penetrate through its hard surface. […]
20th February 2022

Acrylic Worktops Easy to Repair 

Although acrylic countertops are praised for being extremely hard and durable surfaces, there are inevitably instances where accidents can cause visible damage. Fortunately, scratches or dents […]
20th February 2022

Acrylic Worktops

Acrylic worktops are increasing in popularity, and for good reason. Corian solid surface offers design versatility, functionality and durability. It is an incredibly solid material that […]