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What are the most popular styles for kitchens?  

Rustic style kitchens

Chess curtains, cream colors and copper pots as decorative elements: the rustic kitchens exude a lot of comfort. The most important element of this classic style is wood, no doubt. From the kitchen to the living room, the wood can not miss in any kitchen in rustic style. In terms of decoration, the little details play an important role. Example: Wooden chairs with heart-shaped cutouts on the back.

Modern style kitchens

The demands on kitchens have evolved over the years and the kitchen has become an essential part of the home. Today, a kitchen should not only be a purely functional space, but also combine its role with that of a living room and dining room. In fact, open kitchens with island are the latest trend in terms of decoration. The kitchen blocks serve to provide more space for storage and also give us the feeling of socialization: while one person is cooking, another can already take his place on the cooking island. Another feature of modern kitchens are discrete and integrated extractors, and there are even those that can be extended and collected electrically. In no other area of ​​the house, high technology is more desired than in kitchens.

Eclectic style kitchens

For those who consider that a simple decor eventually loses its appeal over time, you should opt for an eclectic kitchen. As for colors, shapes and patterns, imagination has no limits, but keep in mind that wall color or rugs are much easier to change than other kitchen surfaces. It is highly recommended not to be disliked by stylistic inconsistencies. In contrast, the mixing of materials, such as glass, wood, aluminum or stone, are welcome! Only one style rule applies: put what you want - the more colorful and attractive the better!

Scandinavian style kitchens

The Scandinavian-style kitchen are characterized by the use of colors such as white and all gray tones, as well as the use of geometric shapes and natural wood. It is important to allocate lots of storage space, whether in cabinets or shelves. Regarding decoration, this style is a fan of fabrics with delicate patterns and soft colors, where the decorative elements involved are used as attractive - never should be combined several patterns and colors with each other. Also typical in Scandinavian-style kitchens is a careful and extremely meticulous design - down to the smallest detail.