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The satisfaction of our customers and the protection of the environment are priorities to JMVS KITCHEN WORKTOP FITTERS and, therefore, perpetrated Following fundamental principles of system quality and the Environment, leading to leadership:  KITCHEN WORKTOP FITTING
In order to prevent contamination of the environment, we try to minimize the impacts derived from our activity through management of waste and optimization use of materials raw materials and natural resources, the Directorate appoints one responsible for quality and the environment.
With greater proximity to the customer and with a process of continuous improvement, we compromise our selves to satisfy
Our customers by providing them with services and products that Correspond to our clients requests and expectations, within the Legal requirements and regulations and that the JMVS agreed to.
THE JMVS  Specialists Group perform a periodic review of the system, with objective of detecting weak points and can apply the necessary actions as part of our commitment to the best  and continuous improvement.
The management of the consumption of raw materials (absorbent material, fuel, etc.) And the waste generated in the development of work, as evidence of our commitment to pollution prevention.
Our attention drives to prevent non-conformities and when these occur, fix it acting about the root cause of the problem that’s how our company gets better from day to day.
For us quality is not a cost, but an element of creation of value which assures us our customers loyalty and consequently the survival of the company.

“Driving in quality and preventing contamination of the environment is the impulse for leadership through the will of improving the way we work and ourselves”.

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